Farm Forestry Services has established working relationships with other organisations in order to improve the depth and quality of the service that they can provide to both plantation owners and investors.

Where particular plantation work is outside their field of expertise but relevant to the plantation field it is felt that Farm Forestry Services can provide a better overall service by using Strategic Alliance partners for the relevant expertise and thus save the client time and money.

Some of these organisations have their own websites and can be accessed here.

Plantation Development Services
Environmental Flora Technology
Agroforestry Insight
Ecosystems Management
Forestry Tools
Erikson Air Crane
Top Rider
Ivan Mauger

Planting Trees
Farm Forestry Services

A Growing Business


Meet Rowan Reid from the Bambra Agroforestry Farm. He has been planting and managing trees on the property for 27 years and over that time has planted out over 45 different tree species with a focus on shelter, conservation and profit.

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